Unlock Financial Freedom: Learn Why Bitcoiners Suck at Orange Pilling

• Bitcoiners are at a mere .01% penetration, meaning only 250,000 out of 2.2 billion people have adopted Bitcoin.
• The author believes that the masses must understand Bitcoin in order to vote with their money and opt out of fiat currencies.
• Despite trying to convince his family and friends about his epiphany on Bitcoin, the author failed due to “Force Pilling”.

Understanding Bitcoin Adoption

Bitcoiners are currently at an incredibly low .01% adoption rate. This means out of 2.2 billion total people, only 250,000 have been convinced to become Bitcoiners. The number could be higher or lower than .01%, but it is still incredibly low considering how much potential there is for cryptocurrency adoption.

The Opportunity To Build A Fair System

As Bitcoiners, we believe that the old system is broken and have an opportunity to build a new one – one that will remain long after we are gone. In order for this new system to work, we need to defund fiat by giving people the chance to vote with their money and opt-out of it.

Origin Story: Trying To Spread The Word

The author reflects on how difficult it is for him to see the world through a non-Bitcoiner’s perspective anymore because he has always thought this way about cryptocurrency since he can’t remember how he viewed the world before being a Bitcoiner himself. He then tries convincing those closest to him about his epiphany on bitcoin but fails due to what he calls “Force Pilling.”

Bitcoin Fixes Everything

The author truly believes that bitcoin can fix everything – from climate crisis and inflation crisis, all the way down to food crisis and authoritarian crisis (and even shitcoin crisis). He wants everyone else to see what he sees so they don’t miss out on this blue ocean of opportunity when the current system collapses.


Ultimately, understanding bitcoin adoption comes down to educating others about its capabilities in order for them make an informed decision about whether or not they want opt-out of fiat currency and invest in cryptocurrency instead. With knowledge comes power – so let’s spread our wisdom as far as possible!