Michael Lewis to Speak at Bitcoin 2023: A Fireside Chat with a Best-Selling Author

• Michael Lewis, best-selling author of “The Big Short” and other titles, will be joining the Bitcoin 2023 Conference to discuss his perspective on financial structures and Bitcoin.
• The conference is hosted by Bitcoin Magazine and has been a platform for breakthrough announcements in the Bitcoin industry.
• Attendees interested in hearing Lewis speak can purchase tickets at B.tc/conference.

Michael Lewis at Bitcoin 2023

Best-selling author of “The Big Short,” “Moneyball,” “Flash Boys,” “Liar’s Poker” and “The Premonition,” Michael Lewis will feature in a fireside chat at the upcoming Bitcoin 2023 conference in Miami, happening May 18-20.

About Michael Lewis

Lewis’ works have been critically acclaimed as both entertaining and accurate depictions of the monolithic financial structures that dictate our world. He offers a unique point of view through the eyes of his real life characters on the motion of the society, and perhaps his most well known work amongst Bitcoiners would be “The Big Short,” in which he describes the impact of the economic crisis in 2008 — along with mentioning Bitcoin. Currently, Lewis hosts a podcast called “Against The Rules” which recently premiered a new monthly series titled, “On Background” featuring interviews with experts to provide background context on the world the characters in his book inhabit.

Excitement For Lewis’ Appearance

“We’re thrilled to have one of the best-selling authors of all time speaking at Bitcoin 2023,” says Pete Rizzo, Chief Content Officer at Bitcoin Magazine. “Michael has spent his career writing stories about those who dared to dream of a better financial industry and we hope to make clear Bitcoin is building that bright future.” Mike Germano, President of BTC Inc., described how the company “is thrilled to be able to provide to our community yet another big speaker that has a lot to offer and perhaps show us the way we are succeeding or failing in understanding bitcoin adoption, the mission that we all have committed to.”

Bitcoin 2023 Conference

Bitcoin 2023 is the world’s largest annual Bitcoin conference, hosted by Bitcoin Magazine. The conference has become a platform for breakthrough announcements in the Bitcoin industry. In addition to that, these fireside chats are an instrument for critical thinkers to discuss adoption and its impact on society as well as cultivate healthy dialogs on related topics.

Purchasing Tickets

Bitcoiners who are interested in attending the conference can purchase tickets at B.tc/conference