Discover Optimal Trade Paths with Mosdex’s AI-Powered Pathfinder Algorithm

• Mosdex’s AI-Powered Pathfinder algorithm is designed to maximize output and efficiency when trading across CEXs and DeFi platforms.
• The four-step process involves formulating a mathematical equation, converting data into a High-Precision Data Format (HPDF), searching for all possible paths between two tokens, and assembling the data for optimal trade paths.
• This advanced algorithm utilizes AI and self-learning capabilities to ensure users receive the best possible amount from integrated liquidity providers.

Overview of Mosdex AI-Powered Pathfinder

The Mosdex AI-Powered Pathfinder, also known as the Mosdex Aggregator, is an advanced algorithm built on a unique architecture that is programmable, adaptable, and equipped with self-learning capabilities. It follows a four-step process to identify the optimal trade paths: Max Output Equation; High Precision Data Processing; Finding All Paths; and Assembling. This ensures users receive the best possible amount from integrated liquidity providers.

Max Output Equation

The first step in the process involves formulating a mathematical equation to maximize output from integrated liquidity providers. This equation dynamically adjusts to terms and conditions and utilizes various data types as input for maximum profits.

High Precision Data Processing

The next step involves accessing and converting necessary data into a High Precision Data Format (HPDF). The AI technology used by this module ensures accurate and efficient data processing before sending it to the max output equation for further processing.

Finding All Paths

The algorithm then searches for all possible routes between two tokens while filtering out unnecessary paths based on specific criteria such as low liquidity pools, compatible tokens, etc. The pathway accommodates up to five tokens between input and output tokens thereby reducing potential paths to an acceptable level.


In this final step, all data is sent to the AI-powered Pathfinder algorithm for assembly where numerous calculations are performed in order to consolidate scattered data into information needed for confirming swap transactions thus ensuring most efficient & profitable trade paths for users