Bed Bath & Beyond: Relaunches Iconic Retailer with Rewards & Discounts

• successfully acquired and relaunched Bed Bath & Beyond on August 1 in the US.
• Customers can benefit from loyalty rewards points, discounts, and more when they use the new website or mobile app.
• Overstock has yet to settle on a corporate name for its new venture.

Bed Bath & Beyond Relaunch

Overstock officially relaunched bankrupt retail chain Bed Bath & Beyond on Aug 1 in the United States after acquiring its intellectual property assets for $21.5 million in June. The relaunch was successful in Canada on June 29, setting the stage for an eagerly awaited return in the US as well.

Rewards and Benefits

Customers can enjoy up to $50 of loyalty reward points reinstated from their previous Bed Bath & Beyond accounts when exploring the new website. Other benefits include a 20% discount, seamless transfer of membership, and retention of all existing rewards from Club O into the new Welcome Rewards loyalty program. Those who download the mobile app will get an exclusive 25% off their initial purchases as an added incentive.

Corporate Name Pending

Overstock’s CEO Jonathan Johnson has indicated that a decision is still pending with regards to a corporate name change from due to avoid customer confusion about its liquidation sales history . Despite this uncertainty, Johnson expressed his admiration for the iconic brand with admiration saying “We’ve looked at Bed Bath and Beyond jealously for several years, we really liked their name, and it was an iconic brand people loved”

Transformation From Liquidator

Overstock began 1999 as a liquidator before transforming into a broad merchandise retailer in 2004 . With its bid becoming public last month , Overstock has worked hard to add roughly 600,000 bed and bath items to its online inventory under its newly rebranded identity .


The successful transition of Bed Bath & Beyond is evidence of Overstock’s commitment to providing customers with superior service and products through different platforms.. As such , customers are sure to be pleased by all that this newly reconfigured business has to offer them !